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Home Comfort Solutions:
Helping take the guesswork out of choosing the right home comfort system, and removing the fear about which contractor you're going to let work in and around your home & family.
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So Which Equipment is Right for You?
So many many questions......So little time....."Mommy, I'm hot........."
Last I checked there were almost 150 different brands of AC units you could buy- so what's the difference in them and does it matter who puts what in?
Measures efficiency. Very similar to miles per gallon of your car. Higher is better and lowers  your homes operation costs and saves you money on the utility bills
Navigating the smoke and mirrors maze of what may or may not qualify and with who and by when can be quite complex. Let me help. I do this everyday. Its is amazining how many "rebates" don't really exist on systems that benefit you the most.
Who is the warranty with and what is covered? Much more complicated than that! Is the manufacturer backing the warranty or is the contractor? Who is on first again?
Just like changing the oil in your car- maintenance on every system is required. What does each system need? What is included? How much does it cost annually?
Price Versus Cost
Price is the upfront amount you pay for the system and the installation. Cost is the overall cost of ownership for the time your system cools the home; including utility, repair, and maintenance expenses
So What About Me..
At a very early age, I developed in interest in people. I loved towatch people, talk to people and really just get to know them. Backthen it was my way to figure out what I could do to make them smile orto just laugh for a minute.
 As I got older, I found that the perfect way for me to enjoy myinterest in people was to work in customer service. Making peoplehappy is one of the most important things to me. In everything I do,whether it's personally or professionally I make sure that it is doneright from start to finish.
 I moved to S.C from Wisconsin 8 years ago with my husband, Jon and ourfour children.We fell in love with the upstate the first day that we visited. SouthCarolina is truly God'sCountry. We love to fish, hike, read, spend time together and justenjoy the beautiful mountains. I feel very fortunate to have a career where I can help people to makethe right choices, put a smile on their face and still be able to havetime with my family.

Professionally, I have spent countless hours working in and around (yes-even under) people's home's- helping deliver air conditioning and heating repair/replacement options at a value. I understand price versus cost of equipment; but of more importance- I'm a good listener. By having a good technical support team around me, a deep understanding of people and their comfort needs, coupled with a desire to work for and serve our customers- I am truly able to serve and find joy as I "work" in this industry.

So...As you can see, because of my experience in this field, I get to choose where I work. I can choose to work for anyone in this industry. I choose to work at Easy Air & Heat- and I think you need to know exactly why I choose to work they're probably some of the very same reasons you'd want to consider them as your HVAC contractor of choice also. 
Why I Choose to Work at Easy Air & Heat
Kerri's the Best!!
S. Hallman -Simpsonville
We feel lucky that we ran into Kerri and she took time to explain the "Two types of AC customers" story to my wife and I. She spent time making sure we got what we wanted and we stayed happy and comfortable throughout the entire process. 
Kerri Saved us Thousands!!
M. Shnook -Greenville
Looking back it's funny to think how I only considered the upfront price of replacing our system. Kerri saved our family thousands by taking the time to calculate and clearly explain the overall cost of ownership.
Easy Air & Heat
My mission is to support homeowners and small business owners in choosing the correct air conditioning and heating systems for their needs. 
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