Fall Furnace Tune-ups………Why?- You Might Ask

Just as you routinely, and at regular intervals, have the oil in your car engine changed- you should also have your air conditioning and heating equipment tuned-up and inspected. It is also a mechanical piece of equipment just as your car engine, which without proper, routine maintenance will run less efficiently and also wear out quicker. Please keep in mind that most people only drive their car for less than a few hours a day, yet your beloved home comfort system can run for hours on end during peak seasons. How well do you think your car would run for you if you drove it 12 to 14 hours a day for months on end without a break, and never stopped to give it a little TLC and an oil change? After some time, you would, of course, suffer the effects of horrendous gas mileage and surprise repairs. Not to mention how frequently you would be replacing that worn out car.
Your home’s comfort system needs routine maintenance. It is required for extended warranties in a lot of cases, is recommended by your local utility, as well as required by most home warranty companies.
Here are some more important items covered during your furnace and heating tune-up appointment:
1. Test & Cycle Furnace
2. Check Thermostat Operation
3. Check & Adjust Gas Pressure
4. Check ignition system
5.Inspect Burners
6.Clean Flame sensor
7. Lubricate motors (if needed)
8. Check Capacitor Value’s
9. Tighten Electrical Connections
10. Clean Base of Flue
Visually Inspect the Following:
11. Air Filters/ Replace w/ Customer Supplied
12. Primary Heat Exchanger
13. Combustion Intake & Exhaust Piping
14. Flue Piping
15. Electrical Connections
16. Circuit Boards
17. Blower Assembly
18. Draft Inducer Assembly
19. Furnace Condensate Drain

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